6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (2023)

Elden Ring is the best open world game developed by studiosoftwareand published byBandai Namco Entertainment🇧🇷 Runes are the most important aspect of your gameplay in Elden Ring, and we discuss the best places to farm them. Runes are not only very important for leveling upThe best weapons in Elden Ring, but you don't have to buy anything in the Midlands.

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has truly created something more amazing than The Legend of Zelda: BOTW. The open world in Elden Ring is full of bosses, and some of them are easier to handle, like theancestors real, while others likeLittleThey pose a greater threat. Read ours tooList of Tiers of Elden Ring Boss.

It should be noted that you canDuplicate boss memoriesonce you hit them. If a boss bothers you a lot, trymimic tearspiritual ashes. You can change those tooThe crystal trainsof your Marvelous Physique to better suit your playstyle.

there are many differencesbuild upthat you can do in Elden Ring. Also read oursBEST Elden Ring compiles rankingsFor more information.colossal swordsjKatanasmake a comeback in Elden Ring; although,sealsnow they are used instead of catalysts.

You can also read oursbest intelligence weaponsjThe best weapons of faithLeader in Elden Ring. Also read oursintelligence x faithGuide for deciding between the two statistics. Now let's explain the best places to farm runes in Elden Ring.

What are the runes in Elden Ring?

Runes are the bread and butter of your Elden Ring gameplay. You earn them by doing almost everything in the game. Killing enemies grants you a certain number of runes, while tougher enemies drop more runes.

However, you will definitely need some good farm points to increase your rune count. Unlike someThe best Soulsborne games, Elden Ring usually offers a higher number of runes as you defeat enemies and bosses. Also read oursList of Tiers of Elden Ring Bossand find out which drop contains how many runes.

You can even use boss memories to get more runes in Elden Ring. There are certain items that you collect throughout your lifeadventurein the Midlands, which also grant runes when used. You get the highest level from them by granting rune items in endgame areas likeFarum Azula collapses in the Elden Ring.

The game contains several methods of obtaining runes. You can even hack other players and steal their runes. However, if you don't survive the invasion, you'll lose whatever runes you have. However, you can later retrieve them from your Kill Spot.

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Runes can also be obtained by selling themWaffenor even computer dealers. This means recycling your old weapon or gear to get runes as you get better gear in Elden Ring. In summary, runes are the main currency in Elden Ring and there are multiple methods to obtain them.

Use of runes

Runes are used for almost everything in the Midlands. First of all, runes are needed to level up your character in Elden Ring. Runes allow you to create many different buildings in Elden Ring, including theintelligence,Believe,Makes,Capability, Shequalitybuild up.

Runes are also needed to upgrade your weapons. Not only do you need runes to upgrade a weapon at a blacksmith, but you also need to buy smithing stones with runes. You'll also need to stock up on other upgrade materials that also require the use of runes.

There are many shopsmerchantsyou will encounter during your adventure in the Lands Between. They sell very useful items, including recipes for crafting new items. You need runes to purchase everything these merchants have to offer.

The best places to farm runes in Elden Ring

As we have already mentioned, runes are very important in Elden Ring. From leveling to purchasing materials, everything depends on runes. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you know the best places to farm runes in Elden Ring. Now let's discuss these amazing growing areas in detail.

6. The troll near Marika's third church

6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (1)

The Third Church of Marika is easy to find in the East Limgrave region near Mistwood. The church has one of the finest game farms on the Elden Ring. There is a lone troll near the church wandering around alone.

The troll can easily be fought with the game's starting gear andOnce🇧🇷 When defeated, he drops 1000 runes. You can grind a lot of runes very easily and efficiently by continuously killing this troll near the Third Church of Marika.

You get runes fast enough to level up and buy new weapons early in the game. This will also help you level up your weapon before fighting Margit, Fell Omen. A single troll is very easy to manage, and you'll notice that once you start farming.

5. The Troll Coach in Limgrave

6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (2)

It's one of the best places to farm runes early in the game in Elden Ring. Near the basement of Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave is a carriage being pulled by two trolls. There are many feed enemies who also guard the carriage.

Each troll can be defeated to get 1000 runes. So you can get 2000 runes just by killing the trolls. Another thing to note is that trolls are extremely easy to care for. Chained to the carriage, the trolls can't do much to defend themselves. They just have to keep hacking their health bars until they die.

You can also kill forager enemies around the carriage to get more souls. However, this is not very efficient, but still better than nothing. However, if you decide to grind at this farm location in Elden Ring, you can start the game.

Margit is one of the toughest bosses in the early games, but you can easily beat the level with Troll Carriage and take them down easily. It's definitely one of the best places to start farming runes in the Midlands at the beginning of your Elden Ring journey.

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4. Animal Shrine in Greyoll Dragon Barrow

6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (3)

While the Bestial Sanctum in Greyoll's Dragonbarrow should be tackled towards the end of the game, the enemies near the shrine are perfect for mid-game rune farming. Greoyll Dragon Barrow can be entered before fighting Margit.

You can choose to travel to Dragon Barrow by torrent or just follow GdPNJQuest line to teleport directly to the Bestial Sanctum. Do not participate in the Black Blade Kindred boss fight outside of the Sanctum as you are well under level at this point.

There are many vulgar militias scattered throughout the Bestial Sanctum's territory. These are relatively small enemies with quick movesets that you can deal with even during mid-game. They drop about 1000 runes per vulgar militiaman killed.

However, stay away from the traps as the vulgar militiamen will take care of many of them. Just use the stream to roam the area and take out these enemies one by one. Keep doing this until you have enough runes to beat mid-game. Bestial Sanctum offers a great farm location for mod players in Elden Ring.

3. East Main Walls in Leyndell, Royal Capital

6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (4)

It's another great place to farm runes during gameplay in Elden Ring. You'll reach the Altus Plateau once you've defeated two Shardbearers. From there, you can easily enter the royal capital by defeating the Dragon Tree Sentinel.

Start your farm trail at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. Follow the path and you will find many mushroom-shaped enemies holding horns in their hands. Kill them and you should get around 370 runes for each enemy mushroom you defeat.

There's also a larger mushroom-shaped enemy along the way that you'll encounter. You can kill him to get 600 extra runes in Elden Ring. Eventually, at the end of the path, you will face a fire-breathing gargoyle. Kill this gargoyle to get another 3,000 runes.

Sometimes the gargoyle can also drop 16,000 runes, but that depends on the RNG and your luck, so keep farming. The above route should only take you 2 minutes to farm over 10,000 runes, making it one of the best farm spots players can use in Elden Ring.

2. Prayer Room in Elphael, Brace Of The Haligtree

6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (5)

Elphael is one of the endgame areas and is also very well hidden in the game. If you're having trouble getting to Haligtree, you should read oursLocation of the Elden Ring Haligtree MedallionStep by step guide. After reaching Haligtree, defeat Loretta and go to the prayer room in Elphael.

It's a high-risk, high-reward breeding ground. Enemies deal massive damage, so carrying one is recommendedSignaround for added protection. Difficulty, however, comes with greater rewards as you farm almost 32,000 runes per minute in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.

Start in the Room of Grace prayer room and go outside. Kill all the knights you find along the way until you reach a dead end. Go straight until you reach the room full of Clear-knot Knights.

Don't attack these Clear-Knot Knights as they are unnecessarily difficult and may attack you as well. Just kill all the normal knights in front of this room and you should now have 32,000 runes. Keep repeating the process in the prayer room and you should have about 2 million runes very quickly. For this reason alone, Elphael in Elden Ring offers a great farm location for endgame players.

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1. Albinaurica-Farm im Mohgwyn Palace

6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (6)

It's the best way to farm runes in Elden Ring, even after so many upgrades. Available in an endgame area called Mohgwyn Palace, this route will net you 32,000 runes in under a minute, depending on what weapon you're using.

If you're having trouble locating Mohgwyn Palace check out ourElden Ring How to get to Mohgwynlocation guide. There are basically two different ways to get to Mohgwyn Palace. You can follow the sweeping NPC quest line or use the portalSacred Snowfieldcome here

Upon arrival at Mohgwyn Palace, search for the Palace Approach Ledge Road location for free. There you start your agricultural route. There are almost fifteen Albinaurian enemies that you can kill for runes. Each of these enemies will drop around 2,000 runes.

You can easily farm almost 30,000 runes in less than a minute in the area. Albinaurik comes very close to the free side and is fairly easy to handle. In addition, you can even stun these enemies due to their low balance.

The Holy Relic Sword obtained from the memory of the Elden Beast is the best weapon to farm in Mohgwyn Palace. Your Ashes of War can quickly take care of any Albinaurs present in the room.

The Mohgwyn Palace farm route is by far the best farm spot on the Elden Ring for runes. Once you've reached the endgame in Elden Ring, this is the only spot you need to focus on to farm runes.

How to increase the number of cultivated runes in Elden Ring

There are many different methods to increase the number of runes you can get in Elden Ring. For maximum efficiency in Elden Ring, it is especially important to get maximum rune gain while farming in one location. The following things can increase rune collection in Elden Ring;

  • consumables
  • Hallows
  • Surroundings
  • Waffen


6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (7)

A consumable item known as the Golden Pickled Bird's Foot can significantly increase rune earning from farming in various locations in the Elden Ring. It will increase your rune gain by roughly 30% while its effects are active after use.

The effect of golden inlaid bird's foot lasts only three minutes. Its effects can also be enhanced by using the Golden Scarab Talisman on the Elden Ring. Not only thatstainshe also sells the Golden Pickled Bird's Foot, but you'll also loot the item as you explore the Midlands.

You can also craft Gold Inlaid Bird Feet with the following items:

  • 3x Fruta Rowa
  • 1 x four-toed bird foot
  • 1 x Golden Firefly


6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (8)

The Golden Scarab Talisman is used to increase the number of Runes you can purchase in the Elden Ring. Grants a 20% bonus to your purchased Runes. Additionally, its effects can easily be combined with Golden Pickled Bird's Foot to increase the buff up to 56%.

LosGolden Scarab TalismanIt is in a hidden cave located inPlease🇧🇷 You can enter the cave quite early in the game. However, you must defeat a Clear-Knot Knight Duo boss at the end of the cave to get the talisman. Defeating the boss can be quite frustrating, but you can use spirit ash as suchShut up and get readyto make the experience easier.

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6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (9)

Certain environmental conditions can also affect the runes you can obtain from Elden Ring farms. However, these conditions are based solely on RNG and luck. You will notice that golden leaves sometimes fall in the surrounding area. Each time these blades fall into the environment, they increase the number of runes you can farm by an additional 5%. So watch out for the falling leaves.


6 BEST Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations (10)

There are certain weapons in Elden Ring that grant a certain number of runes when used. These are festive weapons that grant a fixed point of runes per weapon strike. It is recommended to use these weapons when farming. The following is the list of celebration weapons that increase rune gain in Elden Ring;

  • The Celebrant's Skull can give you 20 runes per weapon hit
  • Celebrant's Blade grants 10 runes per weapon strike
  • The Celebrant's Scythe also grants 10 runes from each hit of the weapon.
  • Celebrant's Rib-Rake gives you 10 extra runes from each hit of the weapon

It is recommended to farm the Celebrant's Skull as it provides the most runes per hit.


Elden Ring is one of the best games in a long time. In an age of microtransactions and half-baked games, Elden Ring is truly a masterpiece and a passion from Studio From-Software. The game offers a unique experience that every player should try at least once. It has some of the best mechanics as well as amazing art direction.

This concludes our guide to growing locations in Elden Ring. I hope the guide helped you level up in the beginning, middle and end of the game. We explain the different cultivation methods in detail, along with ways to increase the number of runes cultivated. Let us know what you think of Fromsoftware Studio's masterpiece in the comments below!

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