A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (2023)

Bubbles Spa, with its striking pink and black exterior, is a mystery to many, so Derbyshire Live sent a reporter to meet the women who work there and interview the owner.

OppositeThe station, is a very prominent business in the city, but few know what is behind the seductive signage.

Owner James Veitch compares Bubbles to thislike Rolls-Royceand Bombardier in Derby and says it's the best massage parlor in the East Midlands.

He was kind enough to show Derbyshire Live around the premises and introduced our reporter to Bubbles' masseuses.

Mr. Veitch says that since 1991 Bubbles has been offering a mix of professional yet sensual and relaxing massages that make her clients feel on top of the world and completely stress free.

Speaking to Derbyshire LiveFor the first time, he told us about the services offered, Bubbles' position in the Derby and demystified the mythical place.

We had a chance to take a look at the website to show you exactly what it's like behind the mysterious exterior.

"Our ladies make Bubbles what he is"

Veitch, 48, said: "The business started 28 years ago because there was a niche in the market. There is also a sister branch in Nottingham.

"We change with the times. A lot has changed over the years, but we're always looking at how we can improve things."

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"But it's our ladies that make Bubbles what it is. They are all friendly, cheerful, easy to talk to and make sure all of our clients feel comfortable, giving them a great massage experience.

"We are doing our bit for Derbyshire."

The Holy of Holies of Bubbles

When you walk off Railway Terrace and through the black paneled front doors, you are in the living room.

The walls and floor are gray and decorated with fairy lights.

All the rooms at Derby's famous Bubbles Spa in pictures

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There are two sofas with velvet throws, a candlelit coffee table, a chic pink chair, and a silver and gold floral umbrella in the corner.

A TV shows Good Morning Britain when I visit. There are countless clocks in the different rooms, which strangely seem to show different times.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (3)

During our visit, the three masseuses on the day shift are wearing black blouse and skirt combinations. One wears pale pink lipstick, another wears black stockings and huge gold earrings, and they chat about the latest Derby news.

There are 19 independent therapists, from three to four, who work every day, from 10 am to 10 pm, in each of the shifts.

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A multitude of mirrors line the gray walls, reflecting every corner of the room. Big, small, funky shaped, it helps create a kaleidoscope effect.

The terrain is like a rabbit hole, with a maze of corridors leading in every direction.

To my left is a hallway. A large mirror and twinkling lights invite you to continue.

To my right is a room with a newly made table waiting for another potential massage client to walk through the door.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (8)

A distant green glow emerges from behind a beaded curtain in front of me, illuminating one of the many hot tubs buried deep in the lot.

In summer it is hot and humid in the living room.

I follow the fairy lights and continue my journey deeper into Bubbles' heart.

treatment rooms

At Bubbles, guests can expect a mix of different massage treatments, from traditional head and shoulder massages to full body massages.

Veitch said: “A relaxing massage from one of our certified therapists will calm you down and reduce body stress and muscle fatigue.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (9)

“Research shows that a professional massage can improve circulation and restore energy levels.

"They'll also pamper you in the shower to lather up the oils as per your experience."

The place has several massage rooms and two VIP spa rooms called Gold Suite and Oriental Suite.

Each has its own unique character.

the continuation of gold

On my way through the maze of corridors, I arrive at the Golden Suite.

A great golden glow emanates from the entrance, illuminating the dark walls and transporting you into a world of relaxation and comfort.

"Here you can have a nice relaxing jacuzzi and a nice relaxing massage" said Mr. Veitch.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (10)

In the suite, golden lights hang over the mirrors. The hot tub is on one side. The massage table is in the middle and the shower is at the end.

A golden heart cushion adorns the massage table and flowers are scattered throughout the room.

the oriental suite

From the main entrance, turn right through a door and then left and you will find the sumptuous Oriental Suite.

Pink lights twinkle and sparkle throughout the room, giving it a soft, warm, and welcoming feel.

However, the suite is dominated by the large double bed in the middle of the room.

"The bed is for our elderly gentlemen who can't climb into our massage chairs," says Mr. Veitch.

“We have customers who have been coming here since it opened so many years ago.

"People can book or they can come in."

bust the myths

Viewers looking into the shield and opaque black windows use their imagination to see what is going on inside the walls.

Mr. Veitch was quick to correct anyone who got the wrong idea about his facility.

He also revealed what it takes to work on Bubbles.

He said: “All of our ladies have the necessary qualifications in massage therapy.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (11)

“Everyone is self-employed, so prices vary. The most important thing I look for when I have people working here is that they are friendly and lively, that they know how to talk to people. These qualities are what make Bubbles Make what it is.

“We are a true massage spa. If it weren't for us, we wouldn't have lasted as long."

the masseur

When I was invited to the site, I also had the opportunity to have a massage.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (12)

Dressed in her black blouse and skirt set, she walked into the room.

She said: "It's a great place to work. Some days you might get three or four massages a day and other days it might be more relaxed.

"We have different people coming down and sometimes women too."

die massage

Soft music fills the air and a colorful robe hangs in front of me as I lie down on one of the massage tables.

He starts massaging my back, moving over my shoulders, neck, arms and legs.

A look behind the scenes at Bubbles massage parlor in Derby (13)

All my tensions and tensions start to disappear and I start to relax.

The only bad thing is that time flies and before I knew it, half an hour had passed and it was all over.


According to the website, the price of entry is £25, which includes a half-hour massage in a bubbling hot tub by candlelight.

Ladies offer all types of massages including full body massages.

Their prices vary, but start at £25.

VIP suites cost £30 per hour.

The website states: "All of the women involved in Bubbles are trained in massage or beauty, hairdressing, are self-employed and work in other industries.

"They're all very conscientious therapists, but they also love to have fun."

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