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Fiberglass campers are a very popular type of trailer that have found their way into the trailering community.

They are cool, compact and typically retro. They're easy to throw around, and best of all, they're a stable base for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors.

The best GRP trailers offer a bit of luxury, but because they are small you sacrifice a lot. But don't let that put you off, they really are a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to other types of trailers.

So if you're thinking about investing in a fiberglass travel trailer, you've come to the right place. We've put together an overview of what we think are the best models on the market.

We also take a closer look at the pros and cons of a GRP trailer and compare and contrast it with aluminum caravans.

We have also included a FAQ section to cover any unanswered questions you may have. So let's take a look at what makes fiberglass pendants so attractive.

Pros and cons of GRP caravans

No matter how innovative and well built it is, each product has its pros and cons. To be completely honest with our readers, we don't just want to highlight the benefits of owning a fiberglass camper, we also want to highlight some of the downsides.



Although GRP trailers are more expensive than aluminum RVs, they are more economical due to the way the fiberglass insulates and holds heat in the tig.

better insulation

As we said earlier with the economy. Fiberglass RVs really are better insulated. This will save you a lot of money, especially in winter, because you have to increase consumptiontrailer heater.

easy maintenance

Because no engine is attached to GRP trailers, all maintenance on your RV parts is required. The actual maintenance must be done on the car or tow truck that contains an engine. If not, regular cleaning and proper use should do the trick for your trailer.

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Flee5.0 AT (Those)


vulnerable to damage

Fiberglass camper trailers are more susceptible to UV rays than aluminum trailers, for example. Therefore, excessive sun exposure can cause the paint to chip or the fiberglass to fray. To protect your trailer, you should always use onegather, when not in use.

You cannot travel on it.

Traveling in an RV is not legal in most US states, so you can only take as many people as you can fit in your tow vehicle, which can limit the number of people on a trip.

Overview of the best fiberglass travel trailers.

Now is the time to dive in and check out our exclusive list of the best fiberglass trailers. These products have been chosen after much thought and analysis and a variety of options, so make sure they are well researched.

Best Overall Fiberglass RV:
escape 5.0TA

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what we love

  • Attractive and elegant exterior
  • Elegant and comfortable interior.
  • Extremely light and can be easily towed
  • Stable structure due to low center of gravity
  • It has an aerodynamic shape that helps with wind resistance.

quick specs

  • Accommodation: 4 adults
  • Number of floor plans: 1
  • Length: 21′ 2″
  • Ancho: 7' 4″
  • Weight: 3810 pounds

Our rating

The Escape 5.0 TA is impeccably built and offers top-notch features. It is the perfect combination of functionality and comfort and is designed to offer you an unrivaled travel experience. The commendable craftsmanship of the pendant is a testament to the makers' attention to detail.

The elegant interior is one of the most prominent features of this GRP trailer. It is spacious and elegantly designed to have a large living room with the rest of the space dedicated to the main cabin over the queen bed.

There is also a cafeteria, an optional U-shaped small cafeteria, and a kitchen with ample cabinets and a counter for preparing meals. The build quality of the bed and bathroom are spectacular. If you are looking for a simple and strong trailer of afifth wheel, the size and maneuverability of atravel trailerand build quality, then this is an ideal option for you.

Oliver Legacy Elite II

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what we love

  • appropriatefor the 4 seasons
  • Spacious interior with added luxury
  • The exterior is made of high quality fiberglass.
  • Unmatched strength, durability and soundproofing
  • Extremely light design but with good build quality.

quick specs

  • Accommodation: 3 adults
  • Number of floors: two
  • Largo: 23' 6"
  • Ancho: 7'
  • Weight: 4900 pounds

Our rating

Oliver is a trusted name when it comes to caravanning and the Oliver Legacy Elite II is nothing short of an absolute delight. From its strong and durable exterior to its spacious and comfortable interior, this fiberglass trailer is designed to provide your customers with an experience that allows them to enjoy every moment of their trip.

take twopisoplans The standard has a rear seating area that converts to a 75x79 bed, while the second has a rear seat that converts to a single bed. However, that doesn't mean it was added after the fact, and bothblueprints of the floorContains fully functional and modeled bathrooms.

Additionally, vinyl flooring is low maintenance and the fiberglass construction makes indoor and outdoor use very difficult. This is one model that reviews all of our quality VR boxes and we think they will make your explorations that much more comfortable and fun.

Best for the money:
Big Foot-Serie 2500

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what we love

  • Light but strong construction.
  • Generator Ready (C/W Auto Switch)
  • It has high density insulation with thermal panel windows.
  • With air conditioning (11,000 BTU) and external speakers
  • Dual propane tanks with automatic switch in storage compartment

quick specs

  • Accommodation: 4 adults
  • Number of floors: Eight (8 models)
  • Number of sliders: none
  • Largo: 17'-5"
  • Ancho: 8'-0"
  • Weight: 3179 pounds

Our rating

The Bigfoot 2500 series includes eight models with different exceptions, but all are designed to provide an unparalleled user experience without breaking the bank.

The size of this GRP trailer is particularly recommendedsave to computerrange, whether for your suitcases, kitchen cabinets or bedroom,Propanetank farm or dining area. Attention to detail is paid and the manufacturer has tried to help the customer with small details.

The bedroom has day and night blinds, two windows and reading lights. In the bathroom there is a large storage tank for fresh gray and black water. And the small dining area has a large window and comfortable legroom, as well as power outlets and USB ports so you can work comfortably.

Another key feature is that despite having large windows, the trailer is quite soundproof and offers privacy as well. In short, it is a trailer in which the manufacturers have done everything possible so that you do not regret your purchase.

Best Fiberglass Small Travel Trailer:
Scamp 13' Standard Trailer

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what we love

  • It has a stove, oven andFridge
  • Fiberglass cabinets and wood panel doors
  • It has a bathroom with toilet, shower and ventilation.
  • Contains additional lamps, sockets and a cupboard.
  • The dining table turns into a bed and the sofa into a bunk bed.

quick specs

  • Accommodation: 1-4 people
  • Number of floors: two
  • Number of sliders: none
  • Length: 13'
  • Ancho: 6' 8"
  • Weight: 1200 pounds

Our rating

The Scamp 13' standard trailer isn't the best out there, but that's the point. This was designed for small families or couples who don't want to afford a complicated setup or need a lot of space.

Although this fiberglass travel bag is compact, it holds all your essentials and you'd love to take it with you on the go. He made clever use of the limited space and provided a bed, dining table and kitchen.Oven, And a bathroom. In addition, it has adequate lighting and windows and the construction quality is excellent.

When shopping for a trailer, it's important to consider what your needs are and what you expect from a perfect trailer. Not all trailers are right for everyone. So if you have a small family and are looking for a comfortable trailer and want a simple product, then this is a viable option for you.

Editor's Pick:
independence house

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what we love

  • has a single bed
  • comes with oneinsulated interiors
  • It has electric brakes and welded stabilizer bars.
  • Marine Grade Fiberglass Furniture with Carpet
  • microwaveand ceiling mountair-conditioningwith thermal tape

quick specs

  • Accommodation: 4 adults
  • Number of floors: one
  • Number of sliders: none
  • Length: 17'
  • Ancho: 6'-8"
  • Weight: 2210 pounds

Our reviews

Although small, Casita Independence is by no means a compromise. It is one of the most efficient fiberglass travel trailers and has made the most of the available space. It has a small kitchen, a dining room that converts into a bed, a bathroom and a space to store clothes. Attention is paid to details, as you will find plugs in the areas where you can use them, adequate lighting and comfort.

The two-piece fiberglass shell construction makes it lightweight and strong. The body is waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean. Additionally, fiberglass flooring helps combat rust problems and water seepage under the car.

The interior is insulated to keep you warm and comfortable along with air conditioning and large screened windows. This is a great buy for anyone who doesn't like towing a large trailer but wants to have all their essentials on the go.

Fiberglass vs. Aluminum Travel Trailer – Comparison Chart

When you have decided to buy a caravan, the next big question is which category to start looking in. In this sense, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether to buy a GRP trailer or an aluminum one, and we are here to help you. Remember that the best material for you is the one that suits your needs, so it all depends on your preferences.

fiberglass travel trailer

First, let's take a look at fiber optic trailers and what makes them so good and popular. In this section, we will cover not only the pros but also the cons so that you have a clear idea.


Temperature resistant

Obviously, these trailers are made of fiberglass, so they are more efficient in harsh weather conditions, be it summer or winter. They offer some comfort in extreme weather conditions compared to other types, such as an aluminum trailer.

efficient building

Because fiberglass is softer than aluminum, doors and windows close more securely than aluminum. And due to the quality of workmanship, the pendant is more durable, beautiful and easy to maintain.



Fiberglass is more expensive than aluminum. So if you're on a tight budget, this isn't the smartest option, as it can lead to higher maintenance costs and laminates are prone to discoloration and peeling.

aluminum caravan

This section looks at the pros and cons of aluminum motorhome trailers so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you.


time tested

Aluminum trailers have been in the industry for a long time and have provided numerous positive results and satisfied customers. They have stood the test of time and have proven to be a reliable material that you won't give up on easily.

easy repair

Unfortunately, if you have damaged a part of your trailer, you can only replace this aluminum profile. It saves a lot of hassle and is also not very expensive, so fixing the problem is relatively easier.


less aerodynamic

A technical flaw of aluminum is that it is less aerodynamic than fiberglass. This means that the bumps in the aluminum surface cause them to have higher wind resistance while driving and therefore not very aerodynamic. This can result in higher gas costs than fiberglass trailers.

not very well insulated

Aluminum RVs are great, but they are not as well insulated as fiberglass RVs; So keeping warm in winter probably costs more.

people also ask

This section has been added so that frequently asked questions and concerns about motorhomes can be answered and you can go home happy, educated and informed. We hope you find this informative for all your questions.

Are GRP trailers better?

This is a question many potential buyers ask themselves, and with good reason. When you spend that kind of money, you want to make sure your product is the best. Fiberglass trailers are generally the best choice due to their durability, strong construction, smoother finish, and ease of cleaning. Qualities like these make it worth spending a little more.

How long do GRP trailers last?

While the life of a trailer largely depends on how you use it, an average trailer can last 10 years to get your money's worth. However, with good care and maintenance, it can also be expected to last up to 25 years in a touring trailer.

Do GRP caravans leak?

They are no more likely to leak than other materials, and molded fiberglass labels are exceptionally good at keeping rain out. This is because molded fiberglass RVs are well molded, so there are no large seams along the roof, which are the most prone places for leaks.

How is the exterior of a GRP trailer protected?

All recreational vehicles, regardless of material, will deteriorate over time. Nature destroys, but you can help protect your GRP trailer by applyingwax treatmentregularly. This will help you against UV damage in the summer and you should get one too.trailer cover, when you don't use it.

The best fiberglass travel trailers.

GRP travel trailers are more expensive than their aluminum brethren, but to us they look cooler and are definitely more comfortable, especially in winter.

In this article, we cover everything about fiber optic trailers and what makes them so great. After reading it, you should be in a better place with your decision-making, but don't stop there.

We understand that buying a trailer is a big investment and we want to make sure you are putting your money where it belongs; So always do as much research as you can.

We are sure that when you are ready to buy, your new camper will be the centerpiece of all your trips. Happy camping!

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