Pakistan Distemper Award 2023 - PK Brand (2023)

Distemper is one of the most used paints in homes and offices, mainly due to its low cost. It can be applied to interior and exterior walls with good results. If you are looking for quality distemper paint in Pakistan at an affordable price then our blog post is for you! We put a lot of effort into finding reliable suppliers so you can find quality distemper at the best possible prices. Our publication provides a detailed description of how much the backpack costs, what brands are available, the different types available in the market today, advice for choosing quality materials, as well as detailed reviews of some of the main Pakistani retailers who offer excellent quality-price ratio. . Don't wait any longer, read on to know everything about distemper price in Pakistan!

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Price of Distemper in Pakistan

Finding the right color for your painting project can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to tempering. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find out the latest distemper prices in pakistan! Prices range from ₨961 to ₨11,045. Whether you're looking for budget or high-end options, you'll find something to suit your needs and fit your budget. When you know the current price of distemper, it's easier to plan ahead and get the best deal possible while still getting quality products.

Pakistan distemper price list

The cost of distemper in Pakistan varies depending on the type and brand chosen. In general, prices range from Rs 961 to Rs 12,000 per can, with more expensive brands offering better quality and durability. High quality distemper brands are generally used for commercial projects and offer a longer life, while less expensive brands are better suited for residential applications. The choice of temper should be based on the desired finish and opacity, as well as your budget. It is important to note that it is not always necessary to buy the most expensive brand, as cheaper inks can often provide quality results with reasonable performance.

1. Price List of Berger Paintings in Pakistan

Berger Paints Pakistan offers a wide range of products to meet different interior and exterior painting needs. The product list includes Berger NU Enamel Metallic, Berger Synthetic Enamel Metallic, Berger Weather Pro, Berger Top Class Putty, Berger NU Emulsion and Berger SPD Semi Plastic Emulsion.

Berger putty prices in pakistan

Massa Dor BergerSizePreis
Berger NU spatula setGallonRs. 702
massa de bergerGallonRs. 1146
First-class Berger spatula setGallonRs. 1225
First-class Berger spatula settamborRs. 4662
Berger NU spatula settamborRs. 2403
massa de bergertamborRs. 3492
Cores BergerSizePreis
Berger SPD semi-plastic emulsion ratesalaRs. 504
Berger Allrounder matte nail polish setN / D₨873 bis ₨13.028
Berger NU Metal Enamel SetsalaRs. 761
Berger Synthetic Varnish RatesalaRs. 623
Berger Timbercoat Dilution RatesalaRs. 696
Tarifa Berger Weather ProsalaRs. 1000
Berger NU Metal Enamel SetGallonRs. 2812
Berger Tasa Metallic Synthetic EnamelsalaRs. 819
Synthetic enamel-metal rateGallonRs. 3115
First-class Berger spatula setGallonRs. 1225
Berger NU emulsion rateGallonRs. 1153
Berger SPD semi-plastic emulsion rateGallonRs. 1896
Berger Wood Gypsum ThinnerGallonRs. 2427
Berger Synthetic Varnish RateGallonRs. 2134
Berger Tarifa Wood VarnishGallonRs. 3985
Berger Wood Gypsum ThinnertamborRs. 12350
Berger SPD semi-plastic emulsion ratetamborRs. 7273
First-class Berger spatula settamborRs. 4662

Master paintings price list

Master Paints offers some of the best quality paints in Pakistan. From Royal Pearl Emulsion and Royal Matt Emulsion to Luxury Plastic Emulsion, Super Emulsion (Distemper), Master Texture Finish Paint and Synthetic Enamel Paint, there is something for everyone.

Prices of Master Paint Putty for Walls

wall trowel typeweight sizePreis
Wall filling for outdoor useBarrel of about 20 litersRs. 3591
external wall fillGallon size approximately 5 litersRs. 961

Master Distemper Prices

Master Interiors Paint Catalogweight sizePreis
Acabado Matt Emaille 1 KG Lackratequart of 1 literRs. 957
Products Royal Pearl Emulsion 1 literquart of 1 literRs. 1109
Royal Matt Emulsion 1 Liter Coloringquart of 1 literRs. 892
Synthetic Enamel Paint Quart Rate 1 Literquart of 1 literRs. 822
Superemulsion (distemper) price 1 literquart 0.91 litersRs. 384
Painting Finished Texture Master 24 KG Drummi-RateTambor 24 KGRs. 3566
Luxury plastic emulsion 4 liters of paintgallon 4 litersRs. 2549

Master Enamel Preis Painting

Lackfarbeweight sizePreis
Synthetic enamel (for exterior and interior)3.6 liter gallon sizeRs. 2490

Master Wood Finishes Farbpreise

paint wooden surfacesweight sizePreis
synthetic ink feeRoom size 0.75 litersRs. 579
Synthetic Melting RateRoom size 0.91 litersRs. 822
Matte enamel finish rateRoom size 0.91 litersRs. 957
Glossy varnished wood master priceGallon size 3.64 litersRs. 3263
Tarifa Mestre matt varnish woodGallon size 3.64 litersRs. 3306
Tarifa Master NC Ducogallon sizeRs. 3560
Tasa Metallic NC Ducogallon sizeRs. 3605
Master-Rate Wood SealerGallon size 3.64 litersRs. 2871
Finest wood master rateGallon size 3.64 litersRs. 2088

Precios de Master Weather Sheet / Shield Paint

Weatherproof/shieldLOL. 2450 gallons of 4 liters
Rs. 9400 16 litros
665 rupees 1 liter quarts

Sparco distemper price list

Sparco paints offer customers in Pakistan a wide range of tempering options. Their sophisticated special effects ink is available at the lowest price with prices ranging from Rs 300-400 per litre. For those looking for a more luxurious finish, Sparco's excellent Slik Touch emulsion is available priced between Rs 395-8109. Sparco Exterior Wall Putty and Excellent Weather Shelter is available in a range of prices ranging from Rs 816 to Rs 15683 and Rs 1390 to Rs 5270 respectively.

Prices from the Sparco paints catalogPreis
Pakistan Fantasy Special Effects Award300 to 400 rupees
Excellent Sparco Slik Touch Emulsion Price in Mexico395 rupees to 8109 rupees
Sparco Excellent Preis Climate Refuge in PakistanCases 816 to 15683
Sparco Excellent Exterior Wall Kitt Preis in Pakistan1390 to 5270 rupees
Sparco Excellent matte nail polish price MexicoCases 1101 to 16996
Sparco Excellent Metallic Finish Preis in PakistanProcesses 918 to 3846
Sparco Preis Wood Shelter Sanding Sealer in PakistanCases 1071 to 21671
Sparco Excellent High Gloss Metallic Finish Preis in Pakistan961 to 4055 rupees
Great Sparco Super Gloss nail polish prices in PakistanCases 812 to 15683
Sparco Dream Vinyl Emulsion Award in PakistanCases 421 to 6078
Sparco Dream Synthatic Enamel price in pakistanCases 931 to 3613
Sparco Dream Wall Putty Preis in PakistanCases 1339 to 5228
Sparco Earthshine Super Emulsion price in ColombiaCases 357 to 5011
Sparco Earthshine Under Coat price in ColombiaCases 548 to 8177
Price of Sparco wood preservative in PakistanCases 1041 to 1084
Price of Sparco Earthshine Red Oxide Primer in Mexico570 to 2125 rupees
Sparco Earthshine Wall Primer Sealer price in mexicoCases 633 to 9478
Sparco Earthshine Weather Fighter Preis in PakistanCases 706 to 10931
Sparco Earthshine Wall Putty Preis in PakistanCases 714 to 2571
Price of Earthshine Sparco Synthetic Nail Polish in Pakistan786 to 3230 rupees
Sparco Earthshine Waterborne Primer Award in PakistanCases 1734 to 6647
Sparco Pu-Lack Preis wooden shelter in PakistanCases 1139 to 4331
Sparco Wood Shelter matt lacquer price in pakistanCases 1109 to 22784
Price of Sparco Wood Shelter glossy varnish in ColombiaCases 1109 to 22784
Sparco Earthshine Texture Finish precio en Colombia3145 to 3315 rupees

Distemper Diamonds Price List In Pakistan

Diamond Distemper is a popular paint used to decorate and protect walls in Pakistan. It is available in a variety of sizes and prices, from quarter size priced at Rs 970 for Diamond Ace Timberlac Matt Lacquer, to drum size and Rs 8700 for Diamond Everlast Weather Proof 16 liters.

Depending on the type of job and size, the customer can choose from Diamond Ace General Wall Sealer, Diamond Ace Water Based Acrylic Primer 16 Liters, or Diamond Ace Flat Enamel for one gallon size. Those looking for putty can also find it in drum sizes priced between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 9395. All these colors are available in the Diamond Paints catalogue, making it easy for customers to find the right product for their needs. With quality products and affordable prices, Diamond Distemper is a good choice for any renovation project in Pakistan.

Diamond Color Catalog PricesSizePreis
Price of Diamond Everlast Emulsion in PakistansalaRs. 315
Diamond Ace Timberlac Mattlack Preis in PakistansalaRs. 970
General fine diamond price in pakistansalaRs. 375
Diamond Global Wall Sealer Preis in PakistansalaRs. 620
Diamond Everlast Weatherproof 4 Liter Preis PakistanGallonRs. 2300
Diamond Ace Matt Enamel Price in PakistanGallonRs. 3485
Diamond Everlast weatherproof 16 liter Preis in PakistantamborRs. 8700
Diamond Ace Water Based Acrylic Primer 16 liters price in pakistantamborRs. 9395
Diamond Ace Acryl Primer Bitumen 20 kg Preis in PakistantamborRs. 4000

Reliable Price List for Distemper in Pakistan

Reliable Distemper is a quality product that offers excellent value for money in Pakistan. The company has established itself as an industry leader in providing its customers with durable, affordable interior and exterior paints. Reliable distemper prices are extremely competitive in the market and offer customers excellent value for money.

reliable distemperSizePrices
Reliable water-based mattedrum size₨10.767
Reliable water-based mattegallon size₨ 3.400
Reliable water-based mattesala₨706
Reliable water-based wall primerdrum size₨ 7,411
Reliable water-based wall primergallon size₨1,911
Reliable water-based wall primersala₨483
Reliable acrylic fillerdrum size₨3.594
Reliable acrylic fillergallon size₨ 958
Reliable acrylic fillersala₨ 267
Reliable weather protectiondrum size₨ 9,189
Reliable weather protectiongallon size₨ 2,367
Reliable weather protectionsala₨611

Happilac Distemper Price List in Pakistan

Happilac Distemper is a popular paint product in Pakistan with a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. Pricing ranges from Rs 519 to Rs 22,030 depending on the desired paint and finish. Wipeout, Special Plastic Emulsion and Wall Emulsion are some of the types available which cost Rs. 519 to Rs 14,280 respectively For a glossy finish, Matt Enamel and Synthetic Enamel can be had at a price of Rs. Weather Guard and Synthetic Metallic are available for protection against the elements, with prices ranging from Rs 1,085 to Rs 14,900 and Rs 290 to Rs 290.

Prices of Happilac wood finishes

Pa wood surfacesEUnew testament PricesPreis
NC wood thinnerRs. 795 bis Rs. 2875
glossy wood finishRs. 1331 bis Rs. 4890
wooden fenceRs. 1290 bis Rs. 4700
matt wood lacquerRs. 1331 bis Rs. 4890

Color prices for Happilac accessories and protective coatings

Prices for additional equipment for protective coatings.Preis
paint remover price in pakistanRs. 800
N.C 121 thinner price in PakistanRs. 780 bis Rs. 2825
Price of Synthetic Base Coat in PakistanRs. 871 bis Rs. 3200
Pakistan strong wall filling priceRs. 327 bis Rs. 3550
red rust primer price in pakistanRs. 735 bis Rs. 10670
Mixed oil T.679. price in pakistanRs. 2400
Primer price for interior walls in pakistanRs. 2430 bis Rs. 9370
Perfect dough price in pakistanRs. 783 bis Rs. 2890
Price of Silk Kitt in PakistanRs. 1540 bis Rs. 5870
Synthetic clear coat price in pakistanRs. 296 bis Rs. 2685
Weatherguard Exterior Wall Primer Price in PakistanRs. 2980 bis Rs. 11570

Happilac decoration colors prices

Decorative paint catalog pricesPreis
wall emulsion price in pakistanRs. 519 bis Rs. 6856
synthetic metal price in pakistanRs. 290 bis Rs. 3560
synthetic metal price in pakistanRs. 373 bis Rs. 4510
clearing price in pakistanRs. 1493 bis Rs. 22030
matte nail polish price in pakistanRs. 1273 bis Rs. 18600
Weather Watcher Award in PakistanRs. 1085 bis Rs. 14900
Vivid Emulsion Price in PakistanRs. 1380 toRs. 5190
Special price for plastic emulsions in PakistanRs. 1033 bis Rs. 14280
price of synthetic nail polish in pakistanRs. 306 bis Rs. 14890

Prices of Happilac texture finishes

Texture finish color ratesPreis
Pakistan premium texture finish premiumRs. 1370 bis Rs. 5100
Multi tile finishing price in pakistanRs. 1485 bis Rs. 5460


How much are 10 liters of distemper?

The cost of 10 liters of distemper can range from Rs 3,591 to Rs 4,000 depending on the brand, quality and other factors. When purchasing tempera paint, it is important to consider the paint's coverage area, number of coats required, and durability before making a purchase decision.

Which distemper is better in pakistan?

Pakistan's best distemper, Berger and Master are two of the most used brands. Both brands offer a range of high quality products that resist fading, tearing and other damage caused by heat, humidity and other extreme weather conditions.

How tall is distemper?

The distemper rate can vary significantly depending on the region, the type of vaccine, and other factors. In general, the cost to vaccinate a single pet against distemper ranges from ₨961 to ₨11,045. Pet owners should speak with their veterinarian to determine which type of vaccine is best for their pet and what the specific costs are.


In general, we can say that prices in Pakistan are very affordable compared to other countries. You can find quality ink for a fraction of the price you would pay in developed countries. If you are looking for great value for money, Cinomose is the place for you.

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