The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (2023)

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For solo campers or somethingtravel in pairs, a trailer often makes more sense than towing a trailer or buying a trailer.

As an owner ofshort bed intakeI myself envied the best 1/2 ton pickup trucks recently on the road.

The idea of ​​having an enclosed space to cook, work, and sleep sounds good on rainy afternoons when I'm tied up in my tent. So today I'm going to take some time to research some of the best 1/2 ton pickup truck trailers out there.


What is ½ ton?

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (1)

I had to research it, so it makes sense to share my findings with you. A ton is 2,000 pounds, so half a ton is... well... half that.

The "half ton" designation on pickup trucks is actually a rather vague indication of the truck's payload capacity. Indicates that the truck can carry at least 1,000 pounds of cargo between cab and bed.

But most trucks with that designation can actually carry several hundred pounds more.

Depending on the exact make and model you are looking for a trailer for, its load capacity varies greatly. Fortunately, there's an easy way to find yours, and it only requires a quick look in the user manual (or you can probably find it online!).

The Ford F-150, Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are the most common half-ton pickup trucks on the market. But even their load capacities mostly vary based on engine specs.

Below I provide a brief table of payload capacity ranges for these four trucks. But I still encourage you to dig deeper to find the exact capacity for your specific truck.beforeChoosing a ½ ton pickup truck trailer.

I will f-150sheep 1500GMC Sierra 1500Silber 1500
1200 to 3270 pounds1,600 to 2,300 pounds1,830 to 2,280 pounds1,870 to 2,250 pounds

Should You Get One of the Best 1/2 Ton Pickup RVs?

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (2)

Of course, there are many RV options to choose from these days. To draw one ofThe best fifth wheel motorhomesinvest in aLuxury RV for full-time living, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.

So I wanted to compile a short list of the most compelling reasons to choose half a ton.caravancompared to other recreational vehicles.

  • You retain the versatility to accommodate more camps and the ability to access remote locations.
  • You may be able to avoid vehicle registration fees if the state you live in considers an RV a "cargo" rather than a "recreational vehicle."
  • You'll still be able to navigate tight parking lots and fit into curbside spaces in crowded areas.
  • Aside from the extra height, you don't have to make major adjustments to your riding style.
  • Maintenance costs are among the lowest of any type of RV.
  • 1/2 ton RVs don't affect your fuel economy as badly as other RVs and trailers.
  • You don't need a lot of extra space to store it in your property when not in use.
  • Half-ton RVs depreciate in value much more slowly than other trailers, RVs, and fifth wheels.
  • You can independently upgrade your 1/2 ton truck and RV if needed.

Although I have to admit that this is not a complete list of the benefits ofbed mounted motorhomes, should give you a good idea of ​​whether or not this is a viable option for your camping needs.

Best camper trucks for 1/2 ton pickup trucks

So if you have a half ton truck and you want to install onelight caravanin bed, be sure to check out these quality campervan models. On to our reviews of the best 1/2 ton motorhomes!

Capri-Camper-Denim1/2 ton camper

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (3)

Caravan specs:

Dry weight (unloaded):695 to 840 pounds
bed length:72 to 101 inches
Width over bed rail:80 to 84 inches
RRP first letters:10.995 $

This Capri Camper Cowboy model is available for the 5.5ft Short Bed, 6.5ft Standard Bed, and 8ft Long Bed mid-size trucks. That's why you see the ranges of weights, lengths and widths above. With these options, this could be the best truck trailer forshort bed truck!

The design differs slightly depending on the size of yourTruck bed, but this is a cable-less truck trailer.

This means that, if you wish, you can install a roof rack over the cab of your truck to store extra gear.

This kit features a heavy foam mattress, a single battery with a dedicated charger, and a motorized fan to aid airflow. blackoutCurtains on both side windowsIt will also help you with temperature regulation.

Hardwood floors make regular sweeping easy and interior and exterior LED lights make this unit efficient and well lit.

Two external 110-volt outlets also make it easy to install external devices or keep your electronics charged while lounging outside.

The Capri Cowboy is also solar ready as it comes equipped with a “Zamp” branded external solar connector. That means you still need to install solar panels and a charge controller, but most of the electrical wiring system is already in place.

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Adventurer 80RBhalf ton truck

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (4)

Caravan specs:

dry weight:1,762 pounds
floor length:8'4"
inner height:78"
External Width:90"
RRP first letters:21.245 $

The Adventurer 80RB is a slightly larger option that can accommodate a family of four.

It is fully autonomouscaravanand is available for 5.5', 6', 6.5', 6.75' and 8' trucks.

Adventurer dresses this deck with its signature 72-inch wheeled sofa. This sofa then converts to a 40 x 72 inch bed to create a sleeping space that sits alongside the queen-size mattress above the cabin.

A total of four windows (two on the sides of the queen bed, one over the sofa, and one over the kitchen) let lots of natural light into this trailer.

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This is unique as many other models can feel like a dungeon on the shortest days of the year.

Speaking of shorter days, this model also comes equipped with a 16,000 BTU stove and a 4-gallon DSI water heater. All holding tanks are also heated, enclosed and insulated to protect them from the effects of colder weather.

It is also equipped with a Dometiccassette toiletsand a wetroom with a one-piece fiberglass shower tray. The bathroom also has an electric extractor fan for better ventilation and a double layered skylight for a brighter bathing experience.

Polarfuchs 811 Camper1/2 ton camper

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (5)

Caravan specs:

dry weight:2,873 pounds
floor length:9'
inner height:6'7"
External Width:8'1"
RRP first letters:31.916 $

As you can see, the Arctic Fox 811 is a slightly heavier model, mainly because it is larger than the first two. This provides extra room inside if your half-ton pickup has the capacity to handle it.

However, the name of this mobile home speaks for itself. With foam insulation, a fully welded heavy-gauge aluminum frame, and multilayer polyurethane laminate substrate walls for added weather resistance, it's ready to camp during all seasons.

That's just a fancy way of saying this is a great option for full-time truck campers as it can handle inclement weather.

Plus, it's equipped with a 20,000 BTU self-igniting oven with an internal digital thermostat for excellent temperature control.

However, if the temperatures turn the other way, you might as well close the blinds and turn on the multi-speed fan.

And if you're really worried about the heat, you also have the option of upgrading this unit with 11,000 BTU air conditioning.

This motorhome comes with a host of extra features that make it full time.

A few that stand out to me are the small extendable hammock for extra interior space, the LED-lit electric canopy for comfortable outdoor lounging, and an indoor command center that lets you check your rig's vitals all at once.

Lanza650half ton truck

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (6)

Caravan specs:

dry weight:1700 pounds
floor length:6'10"
External Width:86"
inner height:81"
RRP first letters:35.456 $

Nobody in their right mind would cross Lance 650 off a list of the best half-ton trailers. This is one of the most common beds for F-150 owners, and Lance offers two models to accommodate either a 5-foot or 6-foot truck bed, making this another candidate for the best van.

This RV's instant water heater lets you enjoy hot water for dishes anytime, instead of turning on a water heater and waiting 10-15 minutes for the hot water tank to fill up.

The one-piece PVC roof on the RV is also built to last and withstand various weather conditions. This design is an alternative for RVs with multi-panel roofs, where cracks and gaps are more likely to cause leaks between panels.

The Lance 650 is also equipped with external electrical outlets with radio remote control. This makes installing and removing this trailer on the back of your truck a lot easier.

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For travelers, you also have the option of parking your trailer at a campsite and continuing to use the truck bed for the rest of your stay.

Another unique feature of this terrace is that it is equipped with a 100 watt roof mounted solar panel. While other campers are "sun ready", this one is already equipped for longer dry camping trips.

In addition, the 650 has a 10-foot and 4-foot electric side canopy, two-burner stainless steel stove, luxurious queen-size bed, and outside wash station as part of its many standard features.

Tips for choosing a half ton truck trailer

Now that you have a few motorhome models in mind, it's time to discuss how to decide which one really suits your needs.

As with many major purchases, choosing a caravan is all about finding a model that meets as many criteria as possible.

Make a list of your non-negotiables

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (7)

From the color of the cabinets to whether or not they come with roof-mounted solar panels, there are many features to consider when purchasing these pickup truck models. So the first rational step is to make a list of features and specs that you absolutely should.

This could include things like "must be less than XXXX pounds" or "must be less than $$, $$$". However, your non-negotiables should be based on your budget, the make and model of truck, the amount of equipment you plan to install inside and out, and a host of other considerations.

Ultimately though, you should sit down and be honest with yourself about the features and specs, which are totally non-negotiable for you and your current situation.

This helps you automatically align with the VR options that meet your basic needs, even if they require minor tweaks down the road.

Prioritize your features "It would be nice to have..."

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (8)

Once you have your list of features and specs you can't live without, you can have a little more fun making a longer list of the other features you think would be really good.

This can include things like a backup battery for backup power or roof racks that make it easy to mount recreational equipment on the roof.

I've found that it can be helpful to start by making a long list of all the features you think would be "nice to have". From there, go back through your list and put a 1, 2, or 3 next to each item.

You can use any scale you like, but I've had success putting a 1 next to the items I thinkdramaticimprove my quality of life. The objects that wouldTo rememberImprovements in my quality of life are marked with a 2. And the points that would just be goodLuxbut i know i honestly wouldn't use all of them that are usually marked with a 3.

Whether you're selecting a new trailer to travel alone or doing this exercise with your travel partner, setting clear priorities for what you want from your ideal trailer can really help.

Are you looking for accessories? CheckThe best RV accessories for life on the road

Before thinking about money, commit to looking at some trailer models

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (9)

Taking money out of the equation was very helpful to me when I started my research. I will have several meetings with RV dealers or several private presentations before I even consider whether or not I can afford an RV model.

(Video) Best Pickup Campers and Truck-Bed Toppers: New and Trusted Models of 2022

Of course I have an idea of ​​the budget range I can afford.

But I've found that it helps clear your head and allows you to really evaluate an RV based on its features and specs before discarding it (or worse, deciding on it) based on its price.

So it might make sense to look at at least 2-3 VR models before getting serious about your research.

This can help you finally invest in one of the best 1/2 ton pickup truck trailers that you enjoy driving instead of settling for the first option that comes your way.

Consider renting one of the best 1/2 ton pickup truck campers for a test drive!

The Four Best Campervans for 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks – The Wayward Home 2022 (10)

Assuming you already have a 0.5 ton pickup truck, you can also rent one of the best 1/2 ton pickup truck trailers to ensure you really enjoy this style of camping.

Luckily there are sites likeforamaking it easier than ever to rent motorhomes from private owners.

Plan a long weekend or, better yet, a week-long getaway to pay the rentcaravanFor the test

Evaluate how you like to drive an RV, whether you enjoy cooking in it, and everything related to the day-to-day use of this recreational vehicle.

I can't stress enough the importance of a tip like this because truck camping is so different than what might appear in social media images and YouTube videos.

Living this lifestyle for several days is the only true way to decide if you really like it and are comfortable with it.

Conclusion on the best caravans for 1/2 ton pickup trucks

I sincerely hope that, after reading this guide, you have identified at least one VR model that you would like to investigate further.

If you are new to trucking or just starting to think about a mobile lifestyle, I recommend reading along with this article.12 great ideas from full-time campers!

Also, feel free to leave any questions you may have.truck campor these adventure platforms in the comments below.

We will do our best to get in touch with you in time and also invite you to share your first-hand experience if you are already the proud owner of one of these motorhomes!

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What is the best small campervan to buy? ›

The 12 Best Small Camper Vans for Life on the Road
  1. Ford Transit Connect. Cost: New Transit Connects start at $25,100, but you can find many used vans that range in price from $5,000 to $20,000. ...
  2. Mercedes Metris. ...
  3. Chevy Astro Passenger Van. ...
  4. Ram ProMaster City. ...
  5. Nissan NV200 Cargo Van. ...
  6. Toyota Sienna.
Feb 9, 2022

What is the easiest camper van to drive? ›

A Class B RV dominates when it comes to ease of driving. Class B RVs are the easiest to drive because they feel like driving a van. In some cases, RVers have even felt they drive similar to a regular vehicle.

What is the most reliable van for van life? ›

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is considered the gold standard for van lifers and for good reason. Sprinters have been around for years so tracking down a used one already outfitted with the van life essentials is possible.

What is the best truck to convert into a camper? ›

Box trucks are some of the most spacious options for a DIY camper conversion. Their shape provides straight surfaces to install insulation, walls, and ceiling. They are often taller and wider than regular cargo vans, so you'll have plenty of headroom for standing and overhead storage.

Which is the best campervan to buy? ›

Best campervans
  • Volkswagen California.
  • Ford Transit Custom Nugget.
  • Mercedes Marco Polo.
  • Volkswagen Grand California.
  • Toyota Proace Matino.
  • Volkswagen Caddy California.
Jan 24, 2023

Do you need a truck license to drive a campervan? ›

Yes. If you own a motor caravan you will be required to pass a CVRT test regardless of whether it is taxed privately or used commercially. Test category is based on manufacturer's design gross vehicle weight (DGVW) and not unladen weight. Motor caravans whose DGVW is 3,500 kg or less will be tested as LCV.

How much money do you need to buy a camper van? ›

High-end brand new camper vans can cost between $200,000 and $300,000, including the van build and the van itself. Older, used vans may cost $25,000 or less but include far fewer amenities and comforts.

What is the speed limit for a camper van? ›

Typically, the speed limits for motor caravans can also depend on the road you are driving on. It is usually 30mph for built-up areas, 50mph for single-carriageways, 60mph on dual-carriageways, and 70mph on a motorway.

Which is better Ford Transit vs Dodge ProMaster? ›

Between the 2021 Ford Transit and the Ram ProMaster engines, you will see a minor difference in performance ratings. While Ford's commercial van offers a potent transmission option, the new Ram ProMaster provides better horsepower ratings.

What are the downsides to Van life? ›

Cons of Van Life
  • Having Little Space. Living in a small place can be constricting and challenging at times. ...
  • Challenging Housework. ...
  • Experiencing Breakdowns or Accidents. ...
  • Adapting to the Toilet and Shower Situation in the Van. ...
  • Experiencing Parking Problems. ...
  • Having To Choose Among Limited Job Opportunities. ...
  • Lack of Privacy.
Nov 16, 2022

What size camper for 1 2 ton truck? ›

Most half-ton trucks have a towing capacity rating between 7500 lbs and 14000 lbs. So, a 30-foot RV weighing between 8,000 and 12,000 lbs with filled tanks and gear included would get pulled without any problem.

Can I put a truck camper on a 1/2 ton truck? ›

Like their larger cousins on wheels, truck campers come in many floor plans, trim levels, and sizes. Additionally, some are designed explicitly for light-duty pickups, like half-ton truck campers that are lightweight and made to fit snugly in 5.5-foot to 8-foot truck beds. Some truck campers can fit light-duty pickups.

What size camper is best? ›

In general, anything up to 35 feet is ideal, but there are exceptions. For example, Banff National Park campgrounds limit RV length to 50 feet, while it's 25 feet in Death Valley National Park.

What are the highest rated campers? ›

7 Best Travel Trailer Brands of 2022
  • Airstream.
  • Grand Design RV.
  • Oliver Travel Trailers.
  • Lance Campers.
  • Outdoors RV.
  • Winnebago.
  • Jayco.
Feb 16, 2022

What is the best month to buy a camper? ›

On average, motorhomes and travel trailers are at their cheapest at the end of the year. You can also benefit from good deals in the neighboring months of November and February — after the high season ends and before the next spring season starts up.

What is the cheapest way to own a campervan? ›

Payment in cash

If you want full ownership of the vehicle, full payment in cash will usually be the cheapest option. Unlike the other options on our list, if you have sufficient cash to pay for the campervan outright, there'll be no further charges or interest to pay.

What is a high mileage for a campervan? ›

What is high mileage for a motorhome? If you're in the market for a used motorhome, one with mileage between 100,000 and 200,000 is considered high.

Can a 70 year old drive a motorhome? ›

A C1 licence required to drive a motorhome and heavier vehicles is not a given for motorists once they reach the age of 70, at which point they are required to undertake a medical in order to continue to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Is there an age limit for driving a campervan? ›

If you want to drive an SUV, campervan, larger motorhome, or heavier vehicles over 3,500kg, you have to obtain a category C provisional licence and then train to pass the C1 driving test. A D4 medical is also required. To start a C1 training course, you have to be over 18 years old.

Do I need to register my van as a campervan? ›

If you plan on living in your van conversion, it's not strictly necessary for you to register as a motor caravan or meet the exact requirements - as long as you're comfortable sleeping in it. Despite this, there are several benefits to gain from getting your conversion registered as such with the DVLA.

What is the monthly cost of owning an RV? ›

Gas costs about $1,300 each year. Motorhome maintenance costs about $100 a month. Utilities tend to cost between $100 and $300 a month. Camper storage, for those who can't keep their motorhome on their property, ranges from $30 to $400 a month.

How much should I spend on a camper? ›

RVs can cost between $10,000 and $300,000 depending on the style and features. A moderately-appointed camper trailer pulled behind a truck might cost $20,000. The average RV cost of a fifth-wheel may cost $40,000. Most motorhome prices usually start around $100,000.

How much is a Ram ProMaster camper van? ›

The 2023 Ram ProMaster starts at $41,190 for the cargo van. The window van (with only two seats) starts at $47,125, and the 5-seat crew van begins at $51,120.

How far away can a speed van see you? ›

On a straight section of road the typical range for a mobile speed camera is one mile. Can you get caught behind another car? As long as the speed camera operator can see and target your vehicle they will be able to get a reading of your speed.

Can you do 70mph in a van? ›

On motorways, the light goods vehicle speed limit is 70mph. Just like a car. Most large vans are 3.5t vehicles, though higher and lower maximum laden mass ratings for these do exist.

Are campervans allowed in the outside lane? ›

Tow in the outside lane: if you're towing a trailer or car behind your motorhome, or you're towing a caravan behind any vehicle, you are not allowed use the outside lane of a motorway. Leave the engine running: although you're not technically driving for this law, it's an important one to remember.

Is it cheaper to live in a van or RV? ›

Well, it cost more- way more to buy a van vs. an RV. Even through the van is half the size of our RV, it's got just as much if not more technology. Between the Solar, Pure 3 system, and so much more, be forewarned that Vanlife isn't cheap life.

Is van life cheaper than house? ›

The reality is, for some people, it's a way of life that's cheaper than renting a regular house. It depends on your lifestyle, but living in a van full time can be a clever way to save on rent and bills.

Where do you park when living in a van life? ›

Places like hotel parking lots, 24 hour grocery stores, rest stops, and yes, even Walmart. However, in most cities it's totally fine (and advised) to park on the street where most local residents park their cars. As long as you obey local parking signs and laws, you won't have a problem.

Does a Ram ProMaster City have transmission problems? ›

It's a type of car problem that's not hard to notice. 2021 Ram ProMaster City transmission problems can show up as shifting delays, jumping or grinding during acceleration, the car shaking at any speed, or whistling noises and a burning smell coming from under the hood.

How many miles per gallon does a Ram ProMaster get? ›

Opt for the ProMaster, as the V6 engine underneath the hood is able to get the best performance available. The ProMaster City offers an engine that provides impressive handling as well as desirable fuel economy — 21 MPG city and 28 MPG highway.

Is sprinter better than ProMaster? ›

The Sprinter has more clearance than the Transit or ProMaster. This is a significant advantage when going off-roading or driving in the snow. The Sprinter beats both the Transit and ProMaster for driver and front-seat comfort. There is significantly more legroom and headroom in the Sprinter.

What is the hardest part about van life? ›

"Sleeping in warmer, humid temps is by far the hardest thing about van dwelling.

Why not to live in a van? ›

Having everything in your van makes maneuvering around the van a little bit tough. Normally simple tasks such as washing the dishes prove to be more of a struggle in a small space. Getting changed, finding things, and cooking are also a little bit more difficult.

Is diesel better for van life? ›

Diesel engines are generally more fuel-efficient than gas engines, making them ideal for long-distance travel. Diesel engines also give your van more torque, which means you have more power for heavy towing. Additionally, diesel engines tend to have a longer life expectancy than gasoline engines.

How much weight can you pull with a 1 2 ton truck? ›

Half-ton trucks have tow capacities as high as 14,000 lb, which is impressive. Take the Ford F-150, the most popular truck on the road.

What weight camper can a half-ton truck pull? ›

Half-ton trucks are extremely popular tow vehicles. Travel trailers that fit within their payload and towing capacities average from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds and 5,000 to 13,000 pounds respectively.

What are the weight limit for a 1/2 ton pickup? ›

As a refresher, traditionally one ton is 2,000 pounds, meaning a half-ton truck would have a 1,000-pound payload, three-quarter tons are rated to 1,500 pounds, and one-ton trucks can carry 2,000 pounds of payload.

Who makes the best truck camper? ›

  • Lance 650. Lance is well known for making some of the best truck bed campers on the market, and you only need to look at its 650 model to understand why. ...
  • Bigfoot 2500 Series. ...
  • Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed. ...
  • Arctic Fox 865. ...
  • nüCamp Cirrus 820. ...
  • Kimbo Camper 6 Series.
Oct 18, 2022

How much does a truck camper affect gas mileage? ›

For example, a gasoline-powered one-ton truck hauling a 3,000 pound truck camper at 60 mph, will typically get 9 to 10 mpg, while a similar size truck with a diesel engine doing the same speed will easily achieve 14 mpg.

Can you live in a truck camper off the truck? ›

Living in a truck camper is perfect for those who want to explore remote locations but don't want to sleep on the ground under a tent, have a decent place to cook meals and comfortable place to use the restroom. Although it is incredibly fun, truck camper full time living is not necessarily a never-ending vacation.

What is the number 1 truck to buy? ›

Most popular truck in America: full-size pickup
Full-Size Pickup2022 Sales (proj.)2019 Sales
1. Ford F-Series pickup618,000 Units580,000 Units
2. Chevy Silverado pickup480,000 Units395,000 Units
3. Ram pickup462,000 Units426,000 Units
4. GMC Sierra pickup270,000 Units162,000 Units
3 more rows

How do I choose a good camper van? ›

There are many features to consider that will determine the right camper van fit for you.
  1. Time in use. How often will you be using your vehicle? ...
  2. Parking (where to park overnight) Another question to consider is, where will you be parking your vehicle? ...
  3. Roof size. Another consideration is the size of the roof. ...
  4. Extra seating.
Oct 4, 2022

What is a good truck to pull a camper? ›

Top 10 Vehicles for RV Towing
  • Ram 3500 Heavy Duty pickup. For absolute maximum pulling power with fifth-wheel trailers, the Ram 3500 Heavy Duty pickup leads the way with a tow rating of 31,200 pounds. ...
  • Ford F-450. ...
  • Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. ...
  • Ford F-150. ...
  • Chevrolet Silverado. ...
  • Nissan Titan XD. ...
  • Hyundai Santa Fe. ...
  • Chrysler Pacifica.
Nov 4, 2022

How much does a small camper van cost? ›

High-end brand new camper vans can cost between $200,000 and $300,000, including the van build and the van itself. Older, used vans may cost $25,000 or less but include far fewer amenities and comforts.

Are small campers worth it? ›

For those who love the outdoors but want some of the amenities of home, a small camper might be the perfect choice. They're more comfortable than sleeping in a tent and easier to setup than a large RV. Because they weigh so little, they're easy to maneuver into remote sites and most vehicles with a hitch can tow one.

What is the most reliable small motorhome? ›

  1. 9 Best Small Motorhomes In 2023. ...
  2. The Leisure Travel Unity U24RL. ...
  3. The Winnebago – Ekko 22A. ...
  4. Thor Motor Coach – Gemini 23TE Class C. ...
  5. The Airstream – Atlas Murphy Suite Class B Motorhome. ...
  6. The Winnebago View 24V Class C Motorhome. ...
  7. The Forest River – Sunseeker 2400b MBS Class C Motorhome.
Jan 14, 2023

What is the smallest camper van with a toilet? ›

The smallest campervan with a toilet is the Airstream Interstate. Its dimensions are 19'-5” x 6'-7” x 9'-7” and the camper sleeps two comfortably. This makes the Airstream Interstate one of the smallest campervans on the market. If you compare it to other campervans with toilets, it is the smallest.

How much does the cheapest camper cost? ›

You can pay anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000 for a camper trailer, depending on the brand, features, amenities, and size you want. However, if you're looking for a ballpark price, most new camper trailers will cost between $20,000 and $50,000.

What's the best van to convert to a campervan? ›

Best vans to buy for a camper van conversion
  1. Volkswagen Transporter. The Volkswagen Transporter is one of the best-known vans for camper conversions. ...
  2. Ford Transit. Some say the wide-bodied Ford Transit is the best van for camper conversion. ...
  3. Renault Trafic. ...
  4. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. ...
  5. Fiat Ducato. ...
  6. Vauxhall Vivaro.
Jan 27, 2022

Does Toyota make a small camper van? ›

Inside the main cab area is a small seat and bench that convert into the bed, which measures 4-feet-by-6-feet.
Gallery: Toyota Sienna Camper Van By Oasis Camper Vans.
Make/ModelToyota Sienna
Sep 2, 2021

What is the easiest camper to set up? ›

An Aliner camper is one of the easiest campers to set up. It has an A-frame design combined with pop-up camper convenience. While some pop-up campers have canvas tents, Aliner campers have fully rigid sides, meaning better protection against weather. Because they're smaller, they're also easy to tow.

What is the easiest camper to pull? ›

These Small Campers Are Easy to Tow
  • Pika by Timberleaf Trailers.
  • TAG teardrop by NuCamp.
  • TerraDrop by Oregon Trailer.
  • No Boundaries (NoBo) 10.5 by Forest River.
  • Hummingbird 10RK by Jayco.
  • Luna Lite by inTech.
  • The Chase Flyer by inTech.
  • Sportsmen Classic 130RB by KZ-RV.
Apr 9, 2020

Which RV lasts the longest? ›

Typically, fiberglass travel trailers last longer than aluminum trailers, because they are built to withstand harsher conditions. They are the perfect mix due to their soft and durable construction, plus they are the right choice for seasoned RV's owners who are always going camping.

Which motorhomes hold their value best? ›

Class C motorhomes tend to hold their value best. They have a slow depreciation rate, making them the preferred motorhome purchase for many people. Coming in second place are Class B motorhomes, which also tend to hold their value relatively well.

Can you put toilet paper in a campervan toilet? ›

Many new RVers wonder whether it's really necessary to use RV toilet paper. The truth is yes. You do indeed need to use quick-dissolving RV toilet paper. If you don't have tissue that's safe for RV use, you shouldn't flush it into your RV's sewage system.

How many MPG does a camper van get? ›

Campervans will get anywhere from 20 to 28 mpg on the highway, while their gas-guzzling RV counterparts boast an impressive 8 to 12 mpg on the highway. It's simple – save the planet (and your wallet), drive a campervan.

How does toilet flush in a camper van? ›

Flushing Basics

Rather than a handle on a tank like at home, a travel trailer toilet has a pedal located underneath the bowl. Pressing this pedal with the foot causes fresh water to rush into the toilet and a flap to open at the base of the bowl. The waste is flushed into the black water tank mounted under the trailer.


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