We visited Bubbles massage parlor and this time they didn't know. (2023)

A pair of female eyes shoot you through a small hatch in the door when the doorbell rings. It looks mysterious as if you are entering a mysterious secret world.

On the latest visit to Derbyshire Live, reporter Nick Reid was invited to meet the owner and be given a tour.He saw it.

This time we are undercover and they have no idea who we are or why we are here.

Just an ordinary client on a cold, rainy afternoon in search of a sensual massage.

But my heart is beatingBubbles is part of derby loreand this time we're really going to take you down the rabbit hole AND through the looking glass.

The eyes in the doorway seem satisfied that he's not a threat to security or the women who work here.

In an anteroom, the woman apologizes for smelling like cigarettes. He asks me for a name and I give him one. Someone else's name. Actually, the name of a friend. It was the first thing that came to my mind.

She must be used to this. He branded me a Bubbles virgin and explained the fees.

It costs £25 to enter the building for a massage, but £5 more gets you an hour instead of 30 minutes. I refuse. 30 minutes is probably enough. Maybe it's a special offer for tonight.

Then you have to pay for the actual massage. Prices start at £30 and you get a massage from a scantily clad woman.

Fishnet stockings and lace bra.

For £40 your masseuse goes topless, for £50 she's naked and for £60 you can get a massage in one of the VIP lounges.

I pay the initial £25 in cash and wonder how the finance department is going to view my expense report with a sensual erotic massage at Bubbles.

In the waiting room, a woman is seated on a couch, wearing a short black tunic with diagonal dotted buttons down the front, fishnet stockings, a lace bra, and a set of pants.

Her tunic has enough open buttons to reveal the material of her bra. You might expect a pair of heels given her outfit, but she's wearing what appears to be black sneakers. They look a little out of place.

However, if you are working standing up, it makes sense to wear flat shoes.

While I'm there, there don't seem to be any other customers. Seeing someone you know can be awkward and could blow my cover.

We visited Bubbles massage parlor and this time they didn't know. (1)

Hi dad, good to see you here. Long time no see, Reverend. That kind of talk.

The woman leads me down a hall to a massage parlor and lets me shower.

I wash and wrap myself in a towel. There's a hair in the cabin soap. is one of my Maybes.

The hotel is clean, if a little shabby in places.

you want me naked

Upon returning, he asks me if I would like an oil or lotion massage and explains that oil reaches the muscles more easily.

The lotion washes off faster, he explains. I choose oil.

"Do you want me naked?" Asked. She makes. ACCORDINGLY.

The towel is on a chair and I'm naked in front of a woman I met a few minutes ago. This is the first time it's worth it.

Metallic music plays from the TV in the waiting room. I lie face down on the massage table and feel very exposed. At least it's warm.

She gets to work with her hands on my thighs. I see her legs in the mirror on the wall.

Her robe isn't long enough to cover her buttocks and I can see her panties as the robe rises and falls in time as she leans down to place her hands on my legs.

There's quite a bit of talk. I make up a dark story about where I work.

She says it's been quiet as we get closer to Christmas.

"When the weather is bad or there's football, it's totally dead," she says.

Perhaps Derby County supporters make up a large part of the clientele, I suggest.

“They can come later, and when they do, they sometimes get upset. They can be a little tricky," he explains.

"But many of the girls have their own regular customers."

She talks about worries about her family and the future. He's self-employed, so when the clients run out, so does his income.

It's like the hairdresser. Only in suede, obviously.

You can massage the girl.

She tries the soft sell.

"In the nudist massage you have the option of a body massage where the woman massages you with her breasts.

"Just thought I'd let you know so you can look it up later.

"You can also give the girl a massage, like a reverse massage," she says.

We visited Bubbles massage parlor and this time they didn't know. (2)

"Do you get a lot of massages?"

"Yes, especially in the VIP rooms," she says.

“They also have a jacuzzi. Is this part of the VIP package?

"Yes, we have two VIP rooms, one with a jacuzzi if the lady helps you into the jacuzzi before or after the massage," she says.

"The lady escorts you to the hot tub. Before or after the massage is your choice."

It's doubtful that my expense report extends to the hot tub package.

naked and exposed

"In the other room we have a double bed. It's much better for hand-to-hand massage and reverse massage. It's very popular, especially in the bedroom", he explains.

The massage table I'm on is quite narrow, and if you place two people securely, there's a risk of them falling off.

"Do you want to turn into honey?" She asks.

I roll onto my back feeling more naked and exposed. There is also a mirror on the ceiling. I have never felt more naked. I watch as he applies the oil to my thighs, stomach and chest.

Muffled voices can be heard from other rooms.

"I was fucking awful."

"You need to stock up on wool, clothes, sweaters, don't you?"

The masseuse approaches, more intimate.

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My hand is on the side of the table and her pantyhose thigh occasionally presses against it.

Impossible to know if this is accidental or part of the service.

Your hands approach an area that a sports massage therapist would tend to avoid.

I tell him I feel uncomfortable when his hands are too close to my crotch.

"Okay, okay," she says.

To be clear, we do not accuse anyone of any crime or illegal activity. Everyone has to earn a living.

There is lively chat in the waiting room. complaints about friends Canned laughter from TV.

"Can you break up with me?" someone asks. A phone rings in the distance.


The conversation with the masseuse resumes.

How many customers does she serve every day?

“A good day… I say good morning… a busy day, five or six. You are autonomous here. You do all your own taxes and such.

"Some days you don't win. You have to think about the future, especially with the children, you have to think about their future too."

Is there anything less erotic than talking about taxes and retirement plans?

"You can jump in the shower, honey."

She leaves the room and I go back to shower. There will be more talk when I get back.

"We close at 11 am. In the past we were open until 4 am. Today it's not so safe, we've been robbed a few times", he explains.

“There's security at the gate, so that's good. A direct connection to the police. You want to feel safe at work, right?

Many customers pay in cash. You may not want a paper record.

"Thirty pounds, right?"

"Thanks. Take care, honey," she says.

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